Cafe Specials: Satisfying Your Every Craving

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Joe’s Cafe is your go-to neighborhood diner and family restaurant, known for its delectable cafe specials. Whether you’re looking for a nearby restaurant with an enticing dinner menu or crave convenient takeout and delivery, Joe’s Cafe has it all.

What’s on the Menu?

Our Cafe Specials menu features delightful options, including slow-cooked pot roast with two sides and bread, and the beloved JoJo special. This Joe’s tradition offers gulf shrimp, fish, or chicken over pasta, topped with Joe’s famous JoJo sauce and served with bread.

Seafood enthusiasts can dive into Joe’s seafood dinner, offering grilled or fried fish, shrimp, or a combo. For a classic dinner experience, relish our hamburger steak or spaghetti and meat sauce.

You can also savor Southern favorites like our pork chop dinner, red beans and rice with smoked sausage, or shrimp and grits.

Popular Orders

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JoJo Plate

A Joe’s tradition! Fish, Shrimp or Chicken w/crawfish cream sauce over pasta. Served with garlic bread. All can be served with option of grilled or fried.

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Pork Chop Dinner

2 pork chops, breaded or grilled. Served with 2 sides and garlic bread.

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Red Beans & Rice

Served with smoked sausage and cornbread. Substituting sausage for premium meat is available.